So I've blogged about all this Elastic Email stuff. One of things that I do is create csv files that are then posted via API using http to Elastic Email using the mail merge API.  I recently migrated servers and suddenly had a issue. I was previously using CF9 and everything was good. Well I jumped all the way to CF11. I had tested my code in Dev which was CF11 so I thought I was good to go. Well I didn't check but my dev server was running 11,0,0,289974 and prod was running update 3. I downgraded and I was back in business.

As the updater says....

"ColdFusion 11 Update 3 includes support for JDK 8, Tomcat 7.0.54 and other platforms/servers/databases besides ~195 bug fixes (internal and external) in AJAX, Charting, Caching, Database, Language, Mobile Support, Net Protocols, Security and other areas."

....but it also introduces a cfscript http put bug.