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trying to use the page in an non-page page

I have the following in my layout:

In the _pagesidebar view I have


When I try to search, I'm getting:
"This probably means you are trying to use the page in an non-page page! Redundant huh?"

Why can't I do this? This is included the in the default layout that comes with contentbox? If I can't do this shouldn't it be removed?

Making pretty URLs when using widgets and ContentBox

If I do /tournaments/tournament-page/tournamentid/9000
without a route it's telling me that the page doesn't exist. I assume this is because it's like you said looking for a slug named 9000 rather than populating the RC. I've added a route in the contentbox-ui module config

the route is matched and the tournamentid is populated in the rc but I'm still getting

The page you requested: tournaments/tournament-page/tournamentid/9000
the currently routed url is tournaments/tournament-page/tournamentid/9000/

not tournaments/tournament-page/, I'm wondering if this is causing the issue because = pageService.findBySlug( incomingURL, showUnpublished ); in page.index is never populating the page my best guess is because it's not matching.

ContentBox Recent Pages Widget


The recent pages widget uses the pageService.findPublishedPages function. This function accepts a showInMenu arguement. This will come in handy if you have pages in your contentbox that you don't want to show in your recent pages widget. For example pages that contain other widgets that need to have variables passed to them. If you leave these in your recentpages output users can click on them and of course the widget will return an error like:

Error executing viewlet: widgets.tournament(). The variable: tournamentid is undefined in the request collection (private=false)

Unless of course you test for this in your widget and handle it. I find it easier to only show recent pages for stuff that in the menu. Since I usually use this widget in my sidebar view of my layout I've just modified the widget to make this the default.

I'm writing this post so I can remember what I've done since I'm going to have to fix it after each upgrade.

Happy new year.

ContentBox Connections


From the ContentBox team:

"The ContentBox team is proud to announce the ContentBox Connection.  This is a new series of bi-weeily online meetings to showcase new ContentBox functionality and give the community a chance to ask questions and collaborate.  The first ContentBox Connection starts today (Oct 4th) at Noon Central.  We'll be showcasing some of the new multi-editor support and giving you a chance to ask questions and chat with the team."

Here is the meeting URL.

Site description issue


I've also I found if  when using html in the contentBox site description. If using HTML you're going to want to use single quotes instead of double quotes. If you use double quotes it causes an issue with the description meta tag.